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Are you considering a move to a place where turquoise waters kiss powdery white sands and where culture intertwines with opportunity? Look no further than The Bahamas. This tropical paradise offers breathtaking landscapes and a rich tapestry of traditions that can significantly inform your real estate decisions.  Cultural Treasures of The Bahamas Before diving into the world of Bahamian real estate, let's take a moment to appreciate the cultural richness of this archipelago. The Bahamas is a harmonious blend of African, European, and Indigenous American influences, a cultural mosaic that reflects in its traditions and way of life. Here are some cultural insights that can profoundly influence your real estate choices: 1. Warm…

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With raw conch being shelved as a delicacy for a short time, as The Ministry Of Agriculture investigates related issues, we thought to share another similar recipe that's a great go to for something quick light and filling!

Feel free to share and to add your own spin!




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A new year usually means new goals and, hopefully, new accomplishments. If selling your home is on that long list of things you’d like to get done in 2015, Island Living Real Estate has some suggestions on how you can accomplish that goal with these simple tips.


The first thing you should do, says Rachel Pinder, Broker/Appraiser at Island Living Real Estate, is to declutter your home after the Christmas rush. “When you are taking all of your decorations down after the holidays, that’s a perfect time to declutter your home and get rid of everything you did not use in 2014,” says Rachel.


After the holidays is also a good time to make any repairs that may be needed, and clean up the exterior of your house to boost that…

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Sometimes you just want to go back to your youth and cruise the beach road with the radio blaring and all the windows down. Take your dog, take your friend or sing along to the radio alone and uninhibited! West Bay St is the “cruising” road for you. West Bay St curves around the north west coast of Nassau, seldom interrupted by buildings, it literally “hugs” the coast. Most of this coast is beautiful beach. Whether you stop for a walk, a stretch, or to meditate to the music of the waves, you will enjoy this time to recalibrate. Stop for a conch salad at Gambier Village, a beer by Nesbitt’s Bar (and pool hall), or a fresh fruit daiquiri with Andy at The Daiquiri Shack, located in front of the Caves. West is also the place to witness beautiful sunsets…

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