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Located fifty miles off the coast of Miami, the Bimini Islands are closer to the United States than any other Bahaman island. These picturesque islands have long been a favorite escape for many Americans and vacationers from around the world. The likes of Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Junior, and Jimmy Buffet have spent time there. Today, the Bimini real estate market is brimming with potential for those looking to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in the tropics.

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The Bimini Islands are made up of two main islands, respectively known as North and South Bimini, as well as numerous cays. Whether you choose to settle on the north island or the south island, you’ll find you have many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for resort-style living, a comfortable condo, or a waterfront luxury home, the Bimini real estate market has plenty of options for buyers.

North Bimini tends to be a popular place for tourists. If you’re searching for the perfect vacation home, this island can be ideal. Families will never be short on tours to take, beaches to explore, and attractions worth seeing. Restaurants, shops, services, and amenities are numerous on the north island, ensuring there is always something for a visitor to do.

By contrast, South Bimini is quiet. Much of the island is undeveloped, meaning that if you’re looking for an untouched lot on which to build the home of your dreams, this section of Bimini has much to offer. Once you find the perfect lot, you can work towards building the ideal home for your family. Whether that includes a chef’s kitchen, a solarium, or a wrap-around patio is completely up to you.

Because of its location just a short distance from the eastern coast of Florida, Bimini homes for sale are of particular appeal to Floridian buyers looking for a weekend home where time passes more slowly, nature is at its most vibrant, and recreation opportunities abound. Prices for a Bimini home for sale can begin as low as $100,000 and can climb higher than a million depending on the size, location, and luxury of the home.

Bimini Luxury Homes

There are many options for affluent buyers to invest in a Bimini luxury home. Many of these exclusive properties are located along the waterfront ensuring that homeowners are greeted by impressive ocean views daily.

Bimini luxury homes can include many features such as:

  • Ocean views
  • Beach access
  • Stylish finishes
  • Chef’s kitchens

It is also possible to invest in a home that belongs to a gated community if you’re interested in a private lifestyle.

Life In Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini has had many famous visitors over the years. Bimini has often been recognized as one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite places. The famed author of A Farewell To Arms had a summer home in Bimini where he often wrote. This Bahaman Island is also where Martin Luther King Junior wrote his acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace Prize. Taking in the sparkling blue hues of the water and the crisp ocean air, it’s easy to understand how these brilliant minds were inspired by their surroundings.

Those who love to fish may have heard of Bimini long before they took an interest in the local real estate market. This charming island is home to some of the best big game fishing in the Bahamas. Everything from broadbill swordfish, to kingfish, to barracuda, to blue marlin, to dolphin can be found in these waters. Populations tend to vary by season, but regardless of the time of year, avid fishers will find plenty of fish worth hooking.

In addition to fishing, there are many popular water sports to try. Snorkel the local reefs or dive to see some of the Bahamas most impressive sea life. Hammerhead sharks, dolphins, and more have been spotted off this coast. Some stories even suggest the lost city of Atlantis is off this coast. At the very least, someone who loves to dive will find no shortage of ocean spaces to discover.

Other popular water sports include surfing in South Bimini, kite-boarding, water skiing, boating, and swimming. For those who like to keep their feet dry, the incredible sunsets, sandy beaches, and tropical flora ensure plenty of picture perfect moments for photographers.

When it comes to amenities, there are three towns on Bimini. Bailey Town and Alice Town are located on the north island. These tend to be popular places among any tourist traffic that visits the island. On the south island, Port Royal is a quiet coastal community.

To learn more about investing in a Bimini home for sale, contact Island Living Real Estate. Their team of Bahamas real estate experts will be happy to walk you through the home purchase process and answer any questions you might have along the way.