Heather Carey, Eleuthera Agent

Heather hails from Nassau, born to a Bahamian father and a Scottish mother, thus fostering a unique cultural blend. Following her secondary education in The Bahamas, Heather embarked on a journey of educational pursuits and professional endeavors across diverse global landscapes, including New York City, Miami, Connecticut, San Francisco, London, and Spain. Her expansive expertise spans private banking, marketing, tourism, and film production, culminating in a versatile toolkit for adeptly serving clients on both international and local fronts.

Since 2003, Heather has been an esteemed member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association, functioning as a Sales Agent. Her profound familiarity not only with Nassau but also with various other Bahamian islands renders her an invaluable asset to prospective buyers and sellers, instilling unwavering confidence in the security of the interests under her proficient guidance. 

Heather's personal pursuits extend to photography, travel, gastronomy, and independent cinema, alongside her enthusiasm for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and diving.

Office Phone Number: (242)322-7979

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