Donna Davis, Estate Agent

Donna fell in love with real estate early in her life and credits that to her father who believed passionately in the wisdom of investing in real estate. He shared not only his knowledge of construction but his design acuity with his young daughter who happily toured every construction site her father would let her visit. After graduating St. Andrews School in Nassau, Donna attended Gordon College in Boston, Massachusetts majoring in economics. Off shore banking would be her career over the next ten years, initially in the Bahamas then in Canada, and finally in the United States, all with the same International Bank. While assisting clients from all over the globe in financial services, she still couldn't shake that real estate 'bug'. While a newlywed, she even built spec and custom homes with her new husband, Robert Davis, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Donna and Robert passed those real estate genes to their three sons, who became architects and engineers. Donna's financial services background and her first hand knowledge and experience of real estate from the ground up is a prefect fit for those looking to buy or sell real estate in the Bahamas. Donna has said that assessing the desires and needs of clients and finding that just right home or investment property, not only financially or emotionally enriches the lives or her clients, but is deeply fulfilling for her.

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