Andre Bowe, Exuma Agent

Andre hails from Nassau, Bahamas, where he spent his formative years. His educational journey led him to St. Andrews School in Canada after attending local institutions in Nassau. Notably, he achieved his academic pinnacle at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, earning a bachelor's in business administration.

Nurtured by his Bahamian heritage, Andre's passion for maritime pursuits like boating, fishing, diving, and sailing is evident. An annual contender in the indigenous sailing regattas, he formed a formidable duo with his late father, Roy Bowe, spanning the expanse of the Bahama islands. 

Andre's roles as a devoted father to Rayne and Andrew underscore his cherished family values. Presently rooted on the captivating island of Exuma, he resides amidst its splendors. The island's allure is matched only by Andre's commitment to sharing its marvels, from the famed underwater caves and enigmatic swimming pigs to the submerged piano. Navigating the picturesque cays and islands of the Exuma's waters is a skill Andre seamlessly embodies.

Bolstering his expertise, Andre holds the distinguished status of a licensed BREA Agent. This affords you the privilege of tapping into his profound insights about Exuma's offerings. For all inquiries about this resplendent island paradise, Andre stands as an invaluable point of contact, ready to illuminate the wonders of Exuma in all their glory.

Office Phone Number: 242-322-7979/80

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