With most real estate buyers searching the internet for Bahamas real estate deals. There are a lot of online listings for a buyer to view. Pictures can make your listing stand out and set you apart from the competition. There are some pictures that are must have’s when taking a listing:


Don’t just showcase the house, showcase the amenities too. The selling point of many homes are what they have to offer in the community. Make sure to take photos of the amenities in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. If a beach is close by photograph it so the buyer knows.


The focal point of any home is the kitchen, buyers want to see updated appliances, solid surface countertops and family style islands. A buyer would rule out a…

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Here in the Islands we are lucky to have mild winters, there are still things that you should do to prepare your home for the winter season. By using proactive maintenance steps your home will looks its best and hold its value.

Pools: Back wash filters and clean pool drains

Yard: Cut shrubs and trim palms. Clean up leaves and debris about your yard as less sunlight can lead to molds.

Gutters: It a good time to flush out your gutters and repair any cracks.

Air Condition: As you will not be using air conditioning as much, it’s a good time to have your units serviced and replace air filters. Also check duct work in the attic to ensure that it doesn’t need re-taping.

Door and windows: Check your weather stripping and cleaning doors and…

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