There are no waters more beautiful than those in the Islands of The Bahamas. The crystal clear waters and colorful reefs are home to the most vibrant fish and sea life you will ever experience. What better place to have a boat than the luxury development of Port New Providence located on the Eastern end of New Providence. Enjoy a weekend trip to Rose Island or an eventful vacation in the Exumas. Call this beautiful boater’s paradise home today!


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JUNKANOO, Nassau, Bahamas December 26, 2015, and January 1, 2016

Get ready for the largest street parade across The Bahamas. It happens on Boxing Day, December 26, 2015 and New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2016. Nassau and Paradise Island explode with the sounds of cowbells and drums. Local dancers transform Bay Street with an elaborate display of colorful, handmade costumes and floats.

PHOTO BY: Heather Carey Photography

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While it’s non-debatable that The Bahamas’ natural beauty is captivating at any time of year, independence day is a special day that we all spend relaxing and deeply admiring our breathtaking little archipelago. On July 10th each year, tourists and residents alike flock to our impeccable beaches with their friends and families, enjoying our toasty weather, basking in our alluring waters and unwinding in our soft, therapeutic sand. Independence day is not only a day to relax while enjoying great company and stunning scenery, it’s an opportunity to reflect on our well-deserved full independence which was gained 42 years ago. Even South Florida is joining in to glorify our country with The Bahamas Independence…

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If you’re doing seemingly everything in your power to make your Bahamas home for sale as desirable to potential buyers as possible, these unexpected buyer turnoffs might be the unforeseen cause:

  1. Mismatched flooring You may not expect this to be such a major turnoff because, who pays that much attention to floors when they enter a home, right? Well, buyers do. While you or your home’s original decorator could see variations in floor types (different shades of hardwood or alternating tiles) as a decorative domestic masterpiece, all your buyers will envision is the cost of fixing the flooring.
  2. Dirty laundry This is probably a more obvious buyer turnoff. If your dirty laundry can be seen anywhere in your home, buyers are likely to assume the rest…

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Join two generations of Grammy winners, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, on their international “Cheek to Cheek” Concert Tour right here in The Beautiful Bahamas. On June 13, 2015, you can witness a once in a life performance that the whole family can enjoy, with songs ranging from “It Don’t Mean a Thing” to “Smile.” The singers perform a variety of single and duo hits from their number one jazz album, “Cheek to Cheek.”

With Cheek to Cheek granting Bennett the title of the oldest artist in history with a #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 and earning Lady Gaga her third number one album, the concert is bound to be legendary. What better place to enjoy such a world renowned performance from the dynamic duo than our own world renowned Atlantis resort on…

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Tips to Pay Down Your Mortgage – and Fast! Mortgages can come in handy when you’re desperate for funds to get hold of that dream property, but the overwhelming payment period and debt can turn loans into a nightmare. These tips can quicken the payment process and help you clear your conscience and “death pledge”, so you can go back to those sweet dreams.

  1. Refinance, refinance, refinance! Rather than taking out a30 year loan, try asking your financial institution for a 15 or20 year mortgage instead.Theseshorter term loans are amortized quicker and add your payments to principal reduction. If you don’t want or are unable to change the time frame for your mortgage payments, try refinancing with a lower interest rate during the same period. This…

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For years we’ve been told that “looks don’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” but whoever’s been telling us that is wrong if you are selling or renting Bahamas Real Estate. While the saying may apply well to the social scene, the opposite is true for the real estate arena. Outer appearance is just as important as staging when attracting customers or people in general to your home. Follow these cost-efficient suggestions to improve the appearance of any Bahamas Home For Sale.


this could seem like a pretty expensive renovation, but bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be professional. Simply up keeping your lawn and trimming your hedges can improve the overall appearance of your home. A little landscaping could go a long…

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Have you been feeling monotonous lately; like your social life’s dull and dried up? Well this month, you can look forward to revitalizing your life with a sure energy booster at Sandals’ “Vibes On The Island” event. The exclusive event takes place on April 25, 2015 on Sandal’s Private Bahamian Island at 6:30 PM. You’re bound to be entertained but you won’t be the only one benefiting from this unique event. “Vibes On The Island” aims to raise money to support the 700 teenage girls who get pregnant in The Bahamas each year whose education is consequently hindered. “Providing Access to Continued Education” (better known as “P.A.C.E”) is an organization that allows adolescent mothers to return public school after completing the “P.A.C.E program.” Without…

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Almost all of us have tried to beautify our homes with indoor plants and most of the time they don’t last long. Plant care can be surprisingly trickier than we think it will be. These five tips will help you to revive your current house plants or ensure a long, healthy life for your future greenery.

Picking The Perfect Plant

Sometimes you can give a plant all the water, sunlight and soil it needs to survive and it still won’t be able to. Certain plants simply can’t survive indoors in the Bahamas. This is why it’s important to ensure that the indoor plants you’re about to buy are actually indoor plants. Speak to local florists or nursery workers to make sure that you’re buying the best plant to live in your home. With the right amount of care,…

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Fashion For a Cause 2015 If you’re looking to donate to a worthwhile cause while picking up great fashion ideas, be at Ibiza Nightclub, Nassau Bahamas on March 29, 2015 at 3:30 PM for this year’s “Fashion For a Cause”. You’ll be joined by the best makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, clothing stores and brands as well as former Canadian Idol contestant Gary Beals (for your entertainment) to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS in The Bahamas.

The event kicks off with a casual cocktail hour that you don’t want to miss then will feature a digitally printed runway area allowing 150 models to strut for 130 ft, exhibiting 12-15 piece Streetwear Collections that are sure to blow you away. Fashion For a Cause aims to emphasize the motto “LIVE. LOVE. CARE.” as…

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